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The project aims to increase involvement of citizens and raise awareness of the importance of Europe's cultural heritage through education and lifelong learning.

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Cultural heritage consists of cultural and creative resources with a value for society that has been publicly recognized in order to preserve it for future generations. Cultural heritage is more than historical monuments left behind from the past. It is all the things, places and practices that define who we are as individuals, as communities, as regions. The rich and diverse cultural heritage of central Europe is one of the key attractions for tourists visiting the area. That is why local heritage has become an important economic factor.

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The Final Conference in Bihać

The sixth and the last meeting of the project, which contributed to the involvement of citizens and awareness of cultural heritage in several European partner cities trough education and lifelong learning, took place in Bihać.

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Novo mesto Spring

In 2020 Novo mesto is celebrating 100 years since the beginning of the cultural manifestation called the Novo mesto Spring, in honour of a group of young local artists of different genres who marked the beginning of avant-garde art in Slovenia.


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