Final conference, press conference

Municipality of Bihač

At the very last event - a final conference will be held to close the project and sum up the results. We will present the conclusions and recommendations from the public events. A press conference will take place with a closing ceremony. We will explore the city  of Bihać and its cultural heritage. We will gather and engage volunteers and youth to participate in the event.


Conclusions from public debates and recommendations from the public events will be presented. With the project we will achieve an increase of participants' knowledge on European policies and values promoted by the EU, and we will raise awareness about common European history and cultural heritage. The network  will continue to  work together on promoting cultural heritage, develop opportunities for mutual understanding, intercultural learning, solidarity and social engagement. 

Final event

With this event we have successfully completed our project CUT. We ofcourse have a lot of activites planned for the future and are happy to have such a great partnership.

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