Toruń, Bella Skyway Festival, August 2020

"The best tourist product in Poland in 2014” according to the Polish Tourism Organisation. Over 300,000 delighted spectators. A promotional campaign with a Hollywood star, Keanu Reeves. Gigantic response to the festival from the domestic and international media chich resulted in the advertising equivalent of over one million PLN — the sixth edition of Bella Skyway Festival was a spectacular success.

The Festival, which is held every year since 2009 and provides a unique combination of beauty, architecture, art, light and scientific, mainly astronomical, inspirations — is the largest outdoor cultural event in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region and one of the most highly rated cultural events by the domestic audience.
By taking place in the heart of the Gothic Old Town of Toruń, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the festival offers everything that a contemporary demanding spectator expects to see — grand-scale production, artistic meditation, easy and broad access to audio-visual art and direct interaction with the public. The event makes use of an entire array of artistic expressions — from subtle installations, to the use of state-of-theart audio-video techniques, including the advanced 3D mapping, which leave the spectator breathless.

In the Bella Skyway Festival art is presented in the city space and, whereas light installations, special events and happenings are dedicated to particular space and places in Toruń. It is an outdoor, open and non-commercial event. It makes an innovative reference to the values of humanism, stresses the value of art and science in the life of a community. Innovative ways of presenting art uniquely combine tradition and the modern showing that art does not have to be difficult and hermetic — quite the contrary, it should be available to the broadest possible group of spectators. 

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