Dynamic weekend in Trnava


Team CUT visited beautiful, historical, dynamical and one of the oldest cities in Slovakia.

Team CUT visited beautiful, historical, dynamical and one of the oldest cities in Slovakia. As always on our project meetings, weekend was too short to see all historical monuments, to feel the “Slovakian vibe” and to try all culinary specialities…but never the less, participants were really impressed by picturesque historical centre of Trnava, unique medieval atmosphere, culinary specialities and hospitality.

The fourth event of the Cultural Twinning project was held in city Trnava during the weekend from September 6th till 8th 2019.  This event was visited by the guests from different towns, such as Bihač, Bühl, Herceg Novi, Langenhagen, Novo mesto, Vilafranca del Penedes and from ALDA (the Association of Local Democracy Agencies), who participated in a creative, diverse and rich programme, which was prepared for them in Trnava. After the business meeting about the project, on which the partners presented their product packages, the participants went together with their tourist guide (in different historical costumes during the tour) on tour to see the most historical parts of the town. They visited one of the most beautiful historical monuments in Trnava – Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, which belongs to the first early Baroque buildings in Central Europe. Cathedral impressed participant with its beauty and colossal altar. The interior of the Cathedral also amazed participants with its massiveness and variety of unique paintings. Those, who were more courageous also looked into an ossuary of the Roman style. Walk through the entire historical centre explained, why so many people call Trnava as “little Rome”; participants saw baroque city centre, many churches and medieval brick city-walls. Undoubtedly the most impressive event on the first day for the guests was an organ concert in the St. Nicolas' Basilica organized within the European Heritage Days. After a long day the guests had dinner with typical culinary regional specialties in a pleasant atmosphere.

On the 2nd day the partners of the project climbed the Town Tower with amazing view on the town and its surroundings. They also visited the oldest part of the historical Town Hall dating from the early 14th century. Typical traditional Trnava fair, which is held in the streets of Trnava always has really unique atmosphere, while the fair follows the tradition of old municipal markets, which were widely known already in the 13th century, when Trnava got privileges of the first royal free town in the territory of today's Slovakia.

A very attractive event “Medieval Times under the Wall“ included various demonstrations of the medieval life, ancient crafts and products. The guests tasted the food and drinks from medieval times, they experienced knight fights and some of them could try the archery techniques. Another pleasant surprise was the visit of “The Honeyland“ in the village of Dolná Krupá, where the guests could taste the famous Trnava mead with many awards worldwide. The partners were especially impressed by the picturesque historical centre of Trnava, the unique atmosphere of medieval life under the walls and excellent local culinary specialties.

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